Meredith Vieira's First Day Blooper

On her first day of work NBC's new Today co-host Meredith Vieira mistakenly called House Majority Leader John Boehner the "House Speaker." The blooper came as Vieira, in a segment with Tim Russert, referred to an earlier report by David Gregory, as he, once again, over-hyped a remark from Boehner. Vieira mistakenly asked Tim Russert:

Vieira: "Meanwhile you have, as David Gregory pointed out, the House Speaker saying, criticizing the Democratic, the Democrats for criticizing the President by saying that they're really soft on terrorism, that their commitment to fighting the war is not really there. That's worked effectively for the Republicans in the past, that argument. Do you think that it still will work?"

Russert correcting Vieira: "The, the words that Congressman Boehner used, almost suggesting the Democrats were aligning themselves with the terrorists really sent shockwaves through Washington. And the White House when asked in press, by David Gregory, 'Does the President agree with that,' said no. It's a very fine line. You can accuse people of not being vigorous or strong on national defense and national security but when you start suggesting that they are closer to the terrorists than they are to protecting the American people, I think people in both parties, think that crossed the line."

Vieira was referring to the following portion in Gregory's report. Incidentally Today, as if to emphasize its egregiousness, ran a full graphic of the Boehner quote:

Gregory: "The House Republican leader John Boehner added this about Democrats, Tuesday, quote, 'I wonder if they are more interested in protecting the terrorists than they are protecting the American people.'"

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