Chris Matthews: Liberal Congressman Obey 'Is No Lefty'

On Tuesday's Hardball, host Chris Matthews interviewed New York Congressman Tom Reynolds, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.  Mr. Reynolds spoke of the impact if Democrats win a majority in the House of Representatives.

He mentioned that Nancy Pelosi would become speaker, Charlie Rangel would assume chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee, and David Obey would take over the Appropriations Committee:

MATTHEWS:  Dave Obey.  He‘s all right.
REYNOLDS:  He‘s a fine individual.
MATTHEWS: He's no lefty.
REYNOLDS:  Well, he‘s a pretty good liberal for Wisconsin. 
MATTHEWS:  You think so?

One wonders what it takes for Matthews to consider someone a lefty.  In 2005, Congressman Obey received a rating of 16 from the National Taxpayers Union and the same from the American Conservative Union.

The same year, he was awarded a 100 percent rating from both the National Education Association and Americans for Democratic Action.  According to the National Journal, Mr. Obey voted more liberal on economic, defense and foreign policy issues than 82 percent of the his colleagues..

Mr. Matthews obviously worked so long for Jimmy Carter and Tip O'Neill that his sense of political direction is distorted.

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