Civil Rights Activist Says Bush Assassination Film May Be On Target

This one has to go in the category of “If you live long enough...”

Civil rights activist Dick Gregory was interviewed last week on XM radio (hat tip to Hot Air), and according to Redding News Review, he had some rather extraordinary things to say about a British film dealing with the assassination of President George W. Bush (video clip preview of the film now available here):

WASHINGTON, Sept. 08, 2006, 11:20 p.m. - Controversial comedian and activist Dick Gregory today said he would not be surprised if a UK film's fictional assassination of President Bush comes true and he does not "finish his term out."

The article despicably continued:

Gregory, a harsh critic of the United States and one-time presidential candidate, told a talk radio show host the documentary-style film "Death of a President" may be on target.

"And when this happens this here documentary is going to look like they was prophesying," Gregory told XM 169 The Power Host Mark Thompson.

Gregory also told Thompson he is already on record saying Bush will "get busted" and have to leave office early.

"He is not going to finish his term out," he told Thompson, who was broadcasting live from the Congressional Black Caucus' 36th Annual Legislative Conference being held in the District.

How "civil" of you, Mr. Gregory.

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