Rosie Touts Liberal Bumper Stickers, Attacks 'Rabid Republican' In-laws

Rosie O’Donnell used the Sept 7 edition of "The View" as a platform to show off her "get rid of the President" bumper stickers and to mock her partner’s "rabid Republican" parents. The new co-host also mentioned that she enjoyed annoying her mother in-law:

Barbara Walters: "How are your in-laws?

O’Donnell: "Yes, my in-laws, Melanie and Joel Safer. (ph?) I love them, from Baton Rouge Louisiana. (Laughs)...And when they come, you know, I like to annoy them in my own way. And we have two cars and my car, the Volvo, has all of these, you know, ‘no war, peace, get rid of the President’ bumper stickers."

Ms. O’Donnell didn’t elaborate as to why it’s funny that her in-laws are from Louisiana. During the segment, which aired at 11:06AM EDT, she did, however, adopt a thick southern accent while doing an impression of her partner’s mother:

O’Donnell: "And I, uh, I forced my mother in-law to drive that car ‘cause she’s a rabid Republican, you know. So she was-, (Adopts a thick southern accent) ‘I mean, I just can't believe I have to ride in that car with those bumper stickers. I feel like such a low class person with a bumper sticker. When you going to get some fuzzy dice?’ That’s what she says to me."

Then, for added effect, a close up of the comedienne’s car is shown onscreen, complete with "Mothers Opposing Bush" and "Re-Defeat Bush" bumper stickers. Is this why Rosie O’Donnell was hired, to promote a liberal, east-coast condescension towards the rest of the country? Ms. O’Donnell has been on "The View" for three days and has already made fun of Rush Limbaugh and marveled at "rabid Republican" rubes from Louisiana. One can only imagine what other left-wing gibes she’ll unleash in the future.

Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock is the associate editor for the Media Research Center's site.