The NewsBusters Weekly Recap: August 26 to September 1

This week, the MRC’s Megan McCormack brought us a second-by-second account of Kyra Phillip’s now infamous "bathroom chat." She also did a follow-up on FNC’s "Fox and Friends" parody of the event. Soon, the story became a full blown media sensation.

Of course, the media heavily focused on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Harry Smith discussed how the residents of New Orleans feel "abandoned" and "forgotten."

CNN’s Bill Schneider said that the disaster mad the President look "clueless." The BBC stated that the hurricane showed how in the United States, too many blacks are "at the bottom of the pile."

There was also the typical media bias. Chris Matthews wondered if the Republicans will be using the race card. Additionally, he encouraged the liberal Keith Olbermann.

Finally, the MRC’s Tim Graham completed a study that showed, no surprise, the media, heavily favors illegal immigrants.

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