Los Angeles Times Downplays Arrest of Iraq's Al-Qaeda No. 2

The arrest of the number 2 man in al-Qaeda in Iraq was certainly big news, but apparently not big enough to merit a front-page story in the Los Angeles Times. The story is surreptitiously tucked near the inside fold on page A6 of today's paper (Monday, September 4, 2006).

Meanwhile, the Washington Post, who apparently recognized the importance of the capture, placed the story prominently on the top of its front page (image).

The Times' placement of the story is not surprising, however. Here at NewsBusters, we have cited several examples where the LA Times has apparently downplayed good news from Iraq or anything that could reflect positively on the Bush administration (here, here, here, here, and here are just a few examples).

By the way: What did qualify for the top of today's front page at the Los Angeles Times?

... Front page above the fold: A federal cleanup of a nuclear plant in Washington state (?!) is "deeply troubled."

... Front page above the fold: A profile of "gurgitator" Joey Chestnut.

... Front page above the fold: A large color photo of the retiring Andre Agassi.

... Front page above the fold: "Law May Hasten Decline of Pensions"

Joey Chestnut beats out the capture of a key al-Qaeda operative in Iraq. Yup. That's business as usual at the Los Angeles Times.

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