Los Angeles Times Downplays Release of Fox News Journalists?

Has the Los Angeles Times downplayed the release of Fox News Channel journalists Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig?

From today's LA Times (Monday, August 28, 2006):

"Fox Journalists Freed After 2 Weeks in Gaza," p. A4, one photo, 925 words.

Compare this coverage with that of the release of journalist Jill Carroll, whose story was covered on March 31, 2006:

"'Good Day' in Iraq for Freed U.S. Journalist," p. A1 (front page), one photo, 1550 words.

In the following days, the Times followed up on the news of Carroll with:

"Jill Carroll -- What an Inspiration Is" (April 1, 2006), p. A4, 666 words.

"Ex-Hostage Is Free to Speak Her Mind Now" (April 2, 2006), p. A4, 714 words.

"Former Iraq Captive Reunites With Family" (April 3, 2006), p. A7, 63 words.

Equal coverage? So far, it doesn't appear so.


In another example of apparent bias, on Saturday (August 26, 2006), there were heated demonstrations in Maywood, California, when voices from both sides of the immigration issue clashed on the streets. The event was covered by numerous local media, including the Los Angeles Times. As Michelle Malkin posted today (August 28, 2006), during the clash, immigration activists hoisted a Mexican flag up the flagpole at a United States post office. Yet when the Times covered the demonstrations, in their Sunday (August 27, 2006) article "Protest Targets Maywood's Stance," they made no mention of this incident! More photos from the event can be found here.

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