Buchanan-Matthews 2008? Chris Pleads With Pat to Take Back GOP From Neo-Cons

Don't laugh. If Lenora Fulani could flirt with Pat Buchanan in 2000, why not a Buchanan-Matthews ticket in 2008? After all, the pair have an important point in common:  contempt for neo-cons.

On this evening's Hardball, Matthews pleaded with Buchanan to take back the Republican party from neo-conservatives. In closing an earlier segment with guest Joe Biden, Matthews had taken a shot at neo-cons: "Unfortunately we have been carried into Iraq by the dreams of the ideologues."

When Buchanan came on, Matthews took that same notion one step further:

"Pat, when are the traditional conservatives in this country who believe in less government, less role in the world, like yourself, though you might be more extreme than some, George Will, Bill Buckley, when are you guys going to retake your party from the neo-conservatives and stop these overseas campaigns?"

Buchanan: "I'll tell you, when you get a president of the United States who doesn't listen to them. And frankly you've got a president and a country that have been horribly burned by following this foolish ideology and I think in the future, Chris, quite frankly, it needn't to have happened - I think after Iraq you're not going to get a lot of adventures, although they are pushing for the Iranian thing as the last great cause."

Perhaps the two could convince Ralph Nader to accept an anticipatory appointment as Secretary of State, with Ned Lamont at Defense. Can you say 'unstoppable juggernaut'?

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