E&P Posts Questionable Poll On Media

This is interesting, though there's a real problem with the survey I'll address below.

NEW YORK Traditional media brands like newspapers and television are far more trusted by the public than Web sites and blogs, accordign(sic) to a survey this week by British interactive marketing company Telecom Express.

1000 respondents were asked what percentage of the information they received fro mvarious(sic) sources was accurate, true and unbiased, according to Telecom Express.

Telecom Express? You mean that neutral polling organization that didn't put the polling data on line? Or the one that makes it's living off of .... newspapers, radio and TV? Below are two examples of their other recent press releases they don't want you to direct link.

Do not write off the power of TV advertising

I find it a little extraordinary that we are still talking about traditional advertising revenue as if it were the be-all and end-all of overall broadcast earnings (“How bad is the TV ad market”, Media Guardian, 15th May). Of course, it currently is. But many enlightened broadcasters are following the lead of this country’s major newspapers and starting to develop the audience services in a much more personalised fashion.

And after a recent acquisition:

... With the Broadsystem deal, we now have an unrivalled client portfolio encompassing major newspaper publishers, as well as premier Radio and TV companies.

There are plenty of others, but believe me, if anyone stands to lose from the decline in the MSM, it's companies like Telecom Express. Who do they think they're kidding with this poll as far as being able to assess its validity? Of course, that didn't stop a bastion of old media like E&P from putting it out there. And they'd probably get away with it if it weren't for blogs!

So much for trust.

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