AP Photographer and Reuters Reporter Who Witnessed Convoy Attack Are Twin Brothers

I first raised the question of a possible relationship between the two journalists who corroborated each others accounts of an Israeli drone attack on a civilian convoy fleeing Marjayoun in south Lebanon here. In separate stories for their respective new organizations the brothers, Lotfallah (AP) and Karamallah Daher (Reuters), corroborated each others' accounts of the attack, but neither Reuters nor AP mentioned that they are related, much less twin brothers.

Requests for information to Reuters and the Associated Press regarding the coincidence of the two journalists' shared last name and presence with the convoy went unanswered, but I have discovered that the two are, in fact, twin brothers. This was not mentioned in either the Reuters or AP stories about the attack.

My contact in Lebanon is checking to see if the twins are related to Salam Daher, a.k.a., "Green Helmet", who is also from Marjayoun.

Update (08/18/06 2:04 PM):Here are the brothers' Lebanon directory entries:

Karamallah Daher - Hi I'm Karamallah Daher and Loftallah is my brother, we are twins. Press Klayaa, Lebanon Klayaa - 1959 - http://www.twinsdaher.com (disclaimer) Record Created on October 25th, 2003

Lotfallah Daher - Hi I'm Lotfallah Daher and Karamallah is my brother, we are twins. Press Klayaa, Lebanon Klayaa - 1959 - http://www.twinsdaher.com/ (disclaimer) Record Created on October 25th, 2003

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