More Staged Photos?

Yesterday I quipped that I found Gatorade's new energy Drink
"self-Propel," after discovering a series of three pictures by Reuters
photographer Zohra Bensemra. In those photos, a mysteriously mobile
bottle of water appears and disappears beside an elderly injured woman
that Bensemra said was waiting to be rescued, and was made to appear
utterly alone.

The moving bottle and other suspicious elements in the photos lead
me to believe that this series of photos, like so many already
discovered coming from Arab Muslim stringers in Lebanon, were quite
likely staged.

The curious composition of Bensemra's photos continued today, as this one was, err, unearthed in Yahoo's Photostream:

I have no doubt at all that Lebanese Red Cross members are
unearthing bodies from the rubble of Israeli air strikes, and will
continue to do so for days weeks, and even months to come. But the
damaged structure in question would seems to offer a very narrow
opening, and with two rescuers already inside the cramped space (you
can see the reflective stripes on the sleeve of another rescuer further
in), it would seem strange to bag a body in the narrow confines of
unstable rubble, when it would be both safer and easier for the
rescuers to do so in the open.

Of course that is making the assumption that this is indeed a cramped space.


Another photo,
which I have enlarged and then cropped to show the relevant area,
indicates that the external area of the structure in question is only
several yards wide, and no more than a couple of yards high. Note the
expansive open area in the left side of the frame, and edge of the
structure over the shoulder of the second man from the right. This
structure these men were emerging from is far too narrow to be a
residential building. It seems doubtful that a normal residential
dwelling would have such a narrow profile, a concrete roof, walls a
foot or more thick, or space for two or more live adults to body bag
the undefined deceased inside, before bringing him out.

Victim or target? House, or bunker? Perhaps the Israelis were able to kill someone other than old women and children after all.

I cannot prove that Zohra Bensemra is complicit in staging photos in
Lebanon, but at the very least I can feel comfortable of accusing
Bensemra of writing misleading captions that alter the context of how
the picture is viewed. A caption reading "Lebanese Red Cross personnel
remove the body of a person who died during an Israeli air raid during
the conflict between Israel and Lebanon's Hizbollah, at Tayba in south
Lebanon August 15, 2006" may be entirely accurate, but a caption
reading "The body of a Hezbollah fighter is removed from a bunker near
Tayba" would tell quite a different story, if htat is indeed what

Is Reuters photographer Zohra Bensemra a journalist, or propagandist?
I'll leave that for you to decide, Myself, I tend to judge people by the company they choose to keep.


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