Another Staged Media Event in Lebanon?

Citing a tip from a reader, Dr. Rusty Shackleford of The Jawa Report emailed me to point out what appears to be more shenanigans in the ongoing fauxtography/staged news scandal.

A slideshow in the UK's Daily Mail contains three slides that apparently show the same woman. In the first photo, the woman is identified as a "survivor" rescued from the rubble. In the second she is shown being given water by a volunteer.

Unfortunately, the water must have been tainted, because the last photo in the series calls her one of "[a] constant flow of bodies...recovered from beneath the town's toppled buildings."

The Jawa Report has posted the pictures in sequence.

Update (8/14/06-9:17 PM): The pictures in the Daily Mail slideshow are said to have been taken at Bint Jbeil. A picture of what seems to be the same woman appears at Digital Journalist, this time in Aaitaroun. None of the photos are dated and both Aaitaroun and Bint Jbeil are close to the border with Israel, so it's possible the woman is traveling around in refugee status.

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