Western Reporter Says He Saw Hezbollah Unearth Bodies for the Camera

Fast and furious, the media composes, and the blogosphere disposes:

Photographer Alleges Unearthing of Bodies (from Little Green Footballs; HT e-mailer LG)

A portion
of the photographer's comment (it appears that Denton's original is
gone, but that another commenter reposted it within his own comment;
scroll down to "Andy Levin Fri Aug 11 09:54:08")

i have been working in lebanon since all this started,
and seeing the behavior of many of the lebanese wire service
photographers has been a bit unsettling. while hajj has garnered a lot
of attention for his doctoring of images digitally, whether guilty or
not, i have been witness to the daily practice of directed shots, one
case where a group of wire photogs were coreographing the unearthing of
bodies, directing emergency workers here and there, asking them to
position bodies just so, even remove bodies that have already been put
in graves so that they can photograph them in peoples arms. these
photographers have come away with powerful shots, that required no
manipulation digitally, but instead, manipulation on a human level, and
this itself is a bigger ethical problem.

In comments, some other photogs came down hard ..... on Denton, who backed off in tone, but not in substance.

The Corruption of the Media (from EU Referendum)

EUR's exhaustive (and probably exhausting) comprehensive post on
distorted photography and reporting coming out of The Middle East and
Lebanon continues to "unearth" (literally) more.

Associated Press Go-To Guy: Hard Core Radical Islamist (from Little Green Footballs; HT e-mailer LG)

The Associated Press's "subject matter expert" in an article
("Plot Shows Rise of Extremism in Europe") on the "causes" of terror
attacks, including the ones just disrupted (and hopefully thwarted) in
London, is Azzam Timimi, a hardcore Islamist. LGF links to a chilling YouTube video
to prove it, where Timimi calls Israel a "cancer that must be
eradicated," a "menace," and more. "Expert" Timimi also appeared today on NPR's Morning Edition; an audio link is there.

Al-AP's Arab-state paymasters appear to be getting the bias, distortion, and untruth that they're paying for.

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