Robin Williams Enters Rehab Twelve Days After Ridiculing Rush Limbaugh’s Drug Use

The National Enquirer reported Wednesday (hat tip to Drudge) that comedian Robin Williams has entered an alcohol rehab on July 11 to try and conquer “a three-year battle with booze that's threatening to destroy his marriage.” Though we certainly wish Williams well, it does seem rather odd that twelve days before he checked into the Hazelden Springbrook rehab facility in Newberg, Oregon, he was on the “Tonight Show” making disparaging remarks about radio host Rush Limbaugh’s problems with painkillers (video to follow).

He and host Jay Leno were discussing Limbaugh's recent run-in with customs agents over Viagra, and Williams quipped:

But he's got kind of a a tradition of doing that, when he used to have his maid be the mule. [ With a Hispanic accent ] "Mr. Limbaugh, I come back with your medication." Where was he staying in the Caribbean, Club Medicated?

For those that are interested, NewsBusters reported this on July 1. Here is the link to that report, which contains a video of the “Tonight Show” segment in question. However, the reader is cautioned that some of Williams’ comments about Limbaugh were rather vulgar.

Video clip of Robin Williams on the June 29 Tonight Show (1:48): Real (3.2 MB) or Windows Media (3.6 MB), plus MP3 audio (650 KB)

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