Globe: Restrain Israel, Cease-Fire at Any Price

When the Allies faced fascist foes in WWII, they called for unconditional surrender. Confronted today by the new face of facism, the Boston Globe calls for 'unconditional, immediate cease-fire.'

By its editorial of this morning, the Globe would reward Hezbollah for its barbarous use of human shields. On the one hand, it acknowledges that the terror group 'has placed its rocket-launchers . . . unconscionably close to settled areas.' But since the result are the very civilian casualties that Hezbollah was looking to provoke, the Globe criticizes the Bush administration for its 'failure to restrain Israel.'

Oh, to be sure, the Globe piously calls for 'a strong stabilization force of UN troops who could assist the Lebanese government in neutralizing Hezbollah and in ensuring that it does not once again pose a threat to Israel.'

The IDF - the world's premier terror-neutralizers - has been unable to put Hezbollah back in its box yet. How can the Globe possibly imagine that the forces of Kofi Annan - they of the impotent observers who watched Hezbollah move 13,000 rockets into the area - would possibly succeed?

No matter. Peace at any price. Somewhere, even Neville Chamberlain is grimacing.

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