The View's Star Jones: Nearly Ten Years of Liberal Bias

As you may have heard, Star Jones has been fired from The View. Numerous media outlets reported on the behind-the-scenes drama that has engulfed the ABC show. Several reasons have been given for the departure. Many speculate it was due to her feud with incoming View host Rosie O’Donnell or that it’s related to her sudden weight loss. Whatever the truth is, one thing is certain: Throughout the years, Ms. Jones, a former legal correspondent for Today and NBC’s Nightly News, has been a constant source of liberal bias.

Just prior to the 2004 presidental elections, Ms. Jones recounted, on-air, her campaign appearances with Democratic candidate John Kerry. Her comments appeared in the November 2, 2004 edition of the CyberAlert:

"But I was with Senator Kerry on Friday night in Florida because you know that's a battleground state . And everybody is down there, I got a chance to give a speech to talk about why I believe what I believe. And then, we went from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and into Pensacola. And, Barbara, to me, your talking about South Africa reminded me of the people in Pensacola. People don't realize just how much poverty is in our own country. And there are people with no jobs, there are people with no health care, people who can't afford to buy their drugs, and I'm talking basic prescription drugs you might need, like insulin, every single day."

That wasn’t the first time Jones rhapsodized about supporting Democrats. The June 22, 2004 edition of USA Today featured this quote about Bill Clinton:

"I’m a big supporter of President Clinton. And if there wasn’t such a thing as the Constitution, I’d vote for him a third time."

Perhaps we can all be glad that there is, in fact, such a thing as the Constitution. Conversely, the (now) former ABC host expressed a distaste for Republicans. The MRC’s Brent Baker, writing in the September 1st, 2004 CyberAlert, recounted the hectoring tone she greeted View guest Rudy Giuliani with:

"Star Jones, a former NBC News reporter, proved she doesn't understand the fundamental premise of the Bush doctrine as she revealed she thinks his ‘you're either with us or with the terrorists’ formulation applied to whether U.S. citizens back Bush's policies, not to whether nations are on our side in battling terrorism. She lectured Giuliani: ‘Don't question people's patriotism because they don't believe in the war.’ Jones soon exclaimed: ‘Do you believe that today? 'Either you're with the terrorists or you're with us' -- that's not American!’"

On January 22, 2003, Ms. Jones appeared yet again in the CyberAlert. Pro-life actress Jennifer O’Neill visited The View and Star did not hold back:

"But Jennifer, there is a difference between secrecy and privacy, and there are some women who say this is a matter of my business and my body and I need to make a choice that’s right for me at this time....Suppose I am eighteen years old. I’m going to college. I was careless I made a mistake. My life is ahead of me and I have chosen that I want to terminate that pregnancy and I don’t want to hear from you Miss O’Neill. In the first trimester, I make the decision in seven weeks. I don’t want to hear the options. I’ve made an informed decision."

More recently, on the June 5, 2006, commenting on The View, Jones dismissed those who support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage:

Jones: "It’s just something about taking the Constitution and playing around with it -- and this is a game right now. Because you know you can't pass it. You're going to spend all the money, spend all the time, generate the rhetoric...."

According to published reports, Star Jones has no new immediate projects lined up. Perhaps this is her opportunity to go back to the world of hard journalism? She certainly has the "proper" world view for such an endeavor.

Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock is the associate editor for the Media Research Center's site.