Gannett Editor Cheers 'Cheney is Satan' Speech

If Dave Rossie were simply a columnist, one might dismiss his sophomoric liberal rants as, well, sophomoric liberal rants. But what is disturbing is that when he's not pounding out his latest condemnation of all things Republican, the Gannett chain has seen fit to give Rossie the power to edit news at one of its papers, the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin. Not long ago, Rossie, finding the mere impeachment of Pres. Bush insufficient, called on the world to boycott the United States.

Rossie's latest opus concerns commencement addresses. After knocking administration officials for speaking at military institutions, and singling out VP Cheney for "defending the practice of spying on Americans via illegal wire taps," Rossie gave an example of a commencement speech of which he approved - heartily.

This was the address given by Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten at none other than the U. of Maryland's School of Journalism. Weingarten informed the budding journalists that "objectivity is a good thing to strive for in journalism, but not at the expense of failing to confront the obvious." In other words, don't let journalistic ethics get in the way of promoting the liberal agenda. Here's how Weingarten illustrated his point:

"My own newspaper has written extensively about Vice President cheney without once pointing out the self-evident fact that he is - and I offer this as a trained professional observer - Satan."

Rossie ended his column thusly:

"That may be the best commencement speech ever delivered. Anywhere."

Remember - the author of that last line is someone to whom Gannett has given power to edit the 'news.'

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