Press Elected Bush by Bashing Gore, Opponents of Gay, Women Bishops 'Haters'

In 2000, that darn MSM elected George Bush by bashing Al Gore. And when it comes to the theological argument as to whether gays and women should be Christian clergy, well, actually, there isn't an argument. There's only one side. The liberal one, of course.

Don't believe me? Ask Neal Gabler. The reliably liberal member of the Fox News Watch panel expressed those views on this evening's show.

Host Eric Burns asked whether the torture and murder of two US soldiers, coupled with the charges brought against a group of Marines in the killing of an Iraqi civilian brought us to a turning point of more open press opposition to the war.

Responded Gabler: "I think it is a right-wing frame to say is this a turning point to go overtly against the war. As if [the press] have been covertly against the war." In a strange non sequitur he continued "This press elected George Bush by bashing Al Gore. This press facilitated our entrance into the war and acted as if Bush had had a sudden turn-around by going to Iraq."

A later segment dealt with the controversy generated by the naming of the first woman as leader of the Episcopalian church. Proclaimed Gabler:

"There're some issues on which there aren't two sides. And barring women and barring gays is an issue now that really doesn't have two sides, just like race relations."

Responded columnist Jim Pinkerton [who recently wrote a fascinating review of the move Click, with implications for the future of all media]: "Actually it does. Reporters should properly cover the split. And the split is this: the MSM [says] she celebrates diversity and everybody else is a hater.

Gabler: "Accurate."

Gabler doesn't even pretend to address the seemingly unequivocal scriptural language condemning homosexuality, adopting instead the liberal view of religions as indistinguishable from political movements.

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