Sean Hannity Interviews Whoopi Goldberg in Rare Meeting of the Minds

Americans on both sides of the aisle regularly complain about the caustic tone in politics today. Many long for a more civil debate where issues are actually discussed without the seemingly requisite vitriol and animus that have become all too common on the floor of the Capitol as well as around conference tables on television news sets.

With that in mind, something rather rare happened Friday evening on “Hannity and Colmes” – a liberal and a conservative actually discussed important issues of the day with mutual respect, without raising their voices, and absent the antagonism that has so turned off millions of Americans that they not only don’t watch such programs, but choose not to participate in the electoral process at all.

With that in mind, I offer the following video courtesy of Expose the Left for your enjoyment, and welcome feedback from both political persuasions as to its content, as well as thoughts on why we don’t see more such enlightened discussions not only from members of the media, but also from our elected officials.

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