Springsteen Bashes Coulter, Cable Talking Heads

Rocker Bruce Springsteen says he has every right to speak out on politics, as much as Ann Coulter does, and that the "idiots rambling" on cable talk shows have no more right than him to let their voices be heard.

The singer/songwriter spoke with anchor Soledad O'Brien on CNN's American Morning.

SOLEDAD O'BRIEN: Are you sending a political message with this album?

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: I like that to be an organic part of what I'm doing. I think because I -- I always search those -- in trying to explain the world and the times to myself, I search those elements out and the music that I like. And so it wouldn't -- I mean, Pete Seeger record without politics in it wouldn't feel right.

O'BRIEN: In 2004, you came out very strongly in support of John Kerry, performing with him. Your fellow guitarist, I think is how you introduced him to the crowd.


O'BRIEN: And some people gave you a lot of flack for being a musician who took a political stand. I remember...

SPRINGSTEEN: Yes, they should let Ann Coulter do it instead.

O'BRIEN: There is a whole school of thought, as you well know, that says that musicians -- well, you see it with the Dixie Chicks, you know, that go play your music and stop.

SPRINGSTEEN: If you turned on to -- present company included -- the idiots rambling on on cable television on any given night of the week, and you're saying that musicians shouldn't speak up? You know, it's insane. It's funny.

Watch the video.

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