LA Times Accuses Traditional Christians of 'Fixation on Sex and Gender'

Let me share a little trade secret. Lately, when I've been on the prowl for something to write about, I go to the editorial page of the Los Angeles Times. It's a treasure trove over there, I tell ya!

Take this morning's editorial - 'Battling over Bishops' - in which the Times decides to wade into the controversy roiling the Episcopal Church. Here's the kernel of the Times' argument

"What both controversies [over homosexual and female clergy] have in common is not only a fixation on sex and gender but also the challenge of deciding what religious practices can and should change with the times."

The Times unwittingly offers a good illustration of the liberal understanding of religion. For liberals, religion is not much different at all from politics. You've got to adapt to the times. Immutable truth through revelation? How utterly quaint!

The Times closes with this observation-cum-fond wish:

"Many, though not all, members of that faith have accommodated themselves to what was once seen as a heretical idea, without compromising what they see as the essentials of their faith. That experience can only give heart to advocates of other kinds of inclusiveness in the church's ordained ministry."

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