Fonzie's Days Would Be Happier If He Could 'Mute Ann Coulter'

Henry Winkler won fame on the old "Happy Days" comedy. He played Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, also know as Fonzie or the Fonz.

In real life, Winkler certainly isn't the tough guy he portrayed. He is an ardent liberal who over the years has made campaign contributions to Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, John Kerry and many of the usual suspects.

Wednesday night on CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck show he made an appearance to plug his new movie. He was asked by the host: "So now if you saw -- I mean, if you had, you know, a remote control, like they have in 'Universal Control,' or as you like to call it, 'Click,' what part of your life would you skip past?"

Winkler chose to answer not that question, but one he would have preferred: "You know what? The first thing I would do would -- I would end the war in Iraq. I`d just kind of click it." He then went on, "And the second thing I would do, I would mute Ann Coulter."

Host Glenn Beck told Winkler that he didn't really care about his or other actors' political views, he just wants to like them for the characters they portray. He asked if that made sense, and Winkler's reply was: "Absolutely. I`m not thinking anymore. I`m just going to answer your questions."

"No, no, no, I don`t mean it that -- oh, now it`s turned ugly, hasn`t it?," asked Beck. It had, mainly because the former Fonz just had to expose his politics. That may enhance his reputation among Hollywood Lefties, but viewers unfamiliar with Henry Winkler's politics may have been surprised to learn that Fonzie wants to shut up those with different opinions.

Some Happy Days.