Weekend Captionfest

This weekend's captionfest features a picture of Joe Wilson, media dahling, with his supersecret paperpusher wife Valerie Plame, heading to the DC premier of Al Gore's environmentalist movie "An Inconvenient Truth."

Original Reuters caption, complete with false information on Plame's "agent" status: "Former diplomat Joe Wilson and his wife, former CIA agent Valerie
Plame, attend the East Coast premiere of the movie 'An Inconvenient
Truth' in Washington May 17, 2006. 'An Inconvenient Truth' tells the
story of former U.S. Vice President Al Gore's commitment to expose the
myths and misconceptions that surround global warming and inspire
actions to prevent it. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts."

Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield
Matthew Sheffield, creator of NewsBusters and president of Dialog New Media, an internet marketing and design firm, left NewsBusters at the end of 2013