Dan Rather's Liberal Record: MRC's Extensive Quote Archive with Video Clips

Now that CBS News and Dan Rather have officially separated, the Media Research Center has re-organized and updated our extensive archive of Rather's liberal bias from over the years. Our index page, "The Dan Rather File: Decades of Liberal Media Bias," features video of the infamous 1988 encounter with VP George H.W. Bush and has links to several compilations of quotes and videos, such as “Liberal Bias by Topic,” “Liberal Bias by Year,” “Journalists Praise Rather and Rather Defends His Discredited Story,” “Dan's Downfall: Forged Documents,” “'Corny in Kansas' Rather-isms” and “Rather Lame Denials of Bias.” For a quick overview of Rather's worst quotes, check our February 28, 2005 special four-page Notable Quotables, "Dan Rather's Legacy of Outrageous Liberal Bias."

Note: Most of our videos were rendered from video tape several years ago and posted only as streaming files in RealPlayer format at the fairly low-quality 45 kbps rate. Today, the MRC's Michael Gibbons has been going through the archive as fast as he can to make the videos downloadable and to add MP3 audio files for the clips. So, if a clip doesn't yet have MP3 audio, it may soon. Some of the newer clips are also posted in Windows Media format.

Today (Tuesday) on the Fox News Channel, at about 2:55pm EDT, MRC President L. Brent Bozell said of Rather:

"Dan Rather's career ended about two years ago, after the National Guard story. He was at that point tainted forever as a journalist, much like Janet Cooke was. He made not just a monumental mistake, but a monumental mistake compounded by months and months of denials. To this day he claims his innocence in this. And that's what really undid him."

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