Cashing the Gate

There's a lot of buzz today on the burgeoning scandal over whether or not DailyKos blogger Markos Moulitsas and his partner, Jerome Armstrong, have been scamming Democrats by taking money from them on the sly and then promoting them to blog readers as straightforward endorsements. Lots of good stuff from Donkey Cons, Outside the Beltway, Flopping Aces, Hot Air, PJM, Ace of Spades, and Riehl World View.

The original source of the whole blogger investigation was an article printed in New York Times blog (disclosing how Armstrong was found by the SEC to have promoted junk stocks and bonds on the web) which never appeared in the print edition and is unreadable without a paid subscription to the web site. After the story came out, The New York Post printed its own story, and in the process taking the scoop. It's starting to seem as though NYT blogger Chris Suellentrop's editors did not deem newsworthy a story which reflected badly on the left-wing blogosphere despite devoting mucho coverage to it this month.

Big tip to Politburo Diktat for the graphic above.

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