Jesus is the Gay Agenda? Bishop Gene Robinson's Latest Gaffe

We're all a little tired of the parade of Pat Robertson gaffes that the press seems to enjoy -- the latest one being the leg-press-a-ton boasting. But Catholic blogger Mark Shea reports the latest from gay bishop Gene Robinson, an outrageous gaffe that the secular media will predictably ignore:

Episcopal Bp. Gene Robinson humbly declares, "Jesus rarely pointed to himself but to God. That’s what homosexuals in the Church want to do."

And so, in that spirit of towering humility, Gene announces, "Jesus is the homosexual agenda in the Episcopal Church, I believe that with my whole heart."

And the Word became the Gay Agenda. And the Gay Agenda was with God. And the Gay Agenda was God. Through Him, all things were Gay.

One sign this line will go nowhere in the Liberal Media Elite: AP's Rachel Zoll skipped over it. The press release from the gay-left Human Rights Campaign has Bishop Robinson going even further: “It’s time we took the Bible back,” said Robinson. “It’s time we took our faith back and stopped having to apologize for being Christian or Jewish or Muslim without having to explain, ‘No, we’re not that kind of a Jew, we’re not that kind of a Christian.’”

Reuters reports Robinson declared, "I'm convinced I'm not an abomination in the eyes of God," which isn't "taking the Bible back," but throwing the Old Testament into the trash can.

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