Coulter Tells Leno She Wears Liberal Contempt as 'a Badge of Honor'

During her appearance last night not on the "Tonight Show," Ann Coulter was lectured by Jay Leno about why she should use more civility in her rhetoric.


I really got a kick out of watching Ann Coulter on her appearance with Jay Leno tonight. Not only was she her normally poised self, but she offered up several of her normally witty, biting commentary about the left. In the process I managed to capture a few of her really, really great comments. Watching the left self-destruct over a petit blonde who dares to stand up to them is just hilarious.

In opening her appearance on the Jay Leno show, Ann Coulter hit the left with a bombshell right out of the gate:

"From my perspective, I'm Dorothy, and I just dropped my house on the mainstream media!"

The night before, Jay Leno had made the opposite joke, that she was the Wicked Witch and that Dorothy's house had fallen on her.

There was no "clash" between Ann Coulter and George Carlin, what many people were looking forward to seeing.

George Carlin seemed positively mesmerized by Ann and her wit. He just didn't know how to respond to her in person. Jay was polite and trying to press her a little on the issue of the Jersey Girls, Ann got in yet another of her signature backhands at the left noting:

"The funny thing is I'm calling Liberals Godless, well, they're fine with that, just don't call say anything about the Jersey Girls."

Leno went on for a couple more minutes, actually doing a pretty good job promoting her book and asked her about the rise in tensions. After Ann noted that things were certainly much more civil when there were only three network news sources, and that things were even more "peaceful" in the Soviet Uni0n with just one news outlet, she just let loose.

"This alleged disruption of civility is with Conservatives being able to talk back now, through the Internet, through radio, and now through television."

Leno spoke a moment about liberals attacking Ann, and asked if the contempt concerned her. In the most amazing display of polar opposite, as gentle as she was abrupt, she said

"I wear their contempt as a badge of honor!"

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