Lauer Frets Over October Withdrawal Surprise, Mik Lets Gitmo Fact Slip

Talk about you're damned-if-you do moment . . .

What have the Dems and their MSM echo-chamber been clamoring for, nay, demanding, when it comes to Iraq? Why, a troop withdrawal, of course. Yet there was Matt Lauer on this morning's Today, fretting that President Bush might . . . withdraw troops.

Lauer's lament came in the course of his interview of former General Barry McCaffrey, looking ahead to the Iraq summit that Pres. Bush is holding at Camp David beginning today with his top national security advisers.

Said Lauer:

" Do you worry about a political side of this, that the administration may pull a substantial number troops out of Iraq just prior to November's mid-term elections simply to sway public opinion?"

Let's get this straight. When Dems from John Murtha to Nancy Pelosi to John Kerrey demand a withdrawal, why, that's just statemanship. No politics there! But if, God forbid, President Bush should actually withdraw troops, wny, that would be an electoral stunt "simply to sway public opinion."

For the record, McAffrey didn't think it would happen.

In an earlier segment,NBC Pentagon reporter Jim Miklaszewski let an 'inconvenient truth' [for the MSM] slip. Guess how many inmates at Guatanamo Bay have died violent deaths prior to the recent suicide of three of them? Considering all the MSM hand-wringing, you'd think the number would be large. Turns out, it is . . . zero. As Mik mentioned, the suicides were:

"the first violent deaths of any detainees at Guantanamo Bay."

Who'd have thunk it?

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