LA Times Looks for Trophy in a Win-Win Contest

Steve Lopez of the LA Times wants a cookie from conservatives after [his claim] the newspaper "both gutted and fileted" two democrats.

I'm just wondering why the paper hasn't gotten huzzahs from the professional gas bags who worked themselves into a frenzy three years ago over our equally tough reporting on a candidate named Arnold Schwarzenegger.

First, the reason might have something to do with the fact that there were no republicans running in that race for the LA Times to "gut and filet." This was a primary. Let's see the Times do that when an election is at stake. Second, if you have to write an article pointing out that you finally took a pair of democrats to task, and beg for praise because of it, what does that tell us about your conscious and previous reporting?

Have John and Ken of radio fame weighed in on The Times' coverage? To be honest, I wouldn't know. I'd rather stick my head in a kettle drum and beat it with a soup spoon than listen to these guys... I called Ken Khachigian, my favorite GOP consultant, even though he worked with Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, to ask if he'd heard any Republicans complimenting The Times' tough coverage of Westly and Angelides.

So conservative pundits are "gas bags," you'd rather stick your head in a kettle drum and beat it with a spoon rather than listen to a conservative on the radio, and you called someone despite the fact that they worked for conservative Presidents. And with this dripping distain that flows newspaper-wide for anything right of, you're looking for fairness accolades?!?!

As a breed, good reporters are a mutant species, often completely lacking in social graces, fashion sense and normal interests. They don't have many friends other than themselves, and even those relationships involve unhealthy levels of suspicion. Show a good reporter a bright, sunny day and he'll wonder if the ozone is burned to hell.

And if the science isn't there to backup the ozone being burned to hell, they'll just report story after story about what Al Gore and others say about it being burned to hell.

A couple of weeks ago, to give you an example, Cruz Bustamante was in town. True-blue Democrat, right? By that measure, a left-leaning Democratic apologist like yours truly should have given him a pass. As a columnist, I've got a license, after all, to be biased... he was hanging his campaign on a plea to drop 50 pounds as an example for healthy living. What choice did I have but to conceal a bathroom scale in my backpack and pull it out after lunch at a Mexican cantina?

Wow, so you resorted to gag props? That's hilarious. It would have served readers much better if you would have asked him about his involvement in MEChA, or illegally funneling money through former campaign accounts, or his use of the N-word rather than "negro" when talking about the National Negro American Labor Council. Imagine if a Republican had done that.

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