AP Touts Bill Clinton's Boastful New Audio Tour of the Clinton Library

In the latest liberal media press release disguised as a news story, Bill Clinton has now provided his own audio tour of the Clinton library, reports Jill Zeman of the Associated Press from Little Rock, and it seems to have a lot of boasting against Republicans of the "you can't stop me, you can only hope to contain me" variety.

At the impeachment exhibit, Clinton says, "So when I won, it was a profound sort of psychological shock to a lot of them," he says of his opponents, with a chuckle. "Then they went into overdrive fighting me. They weren't accomplishing anything, just banging away."

As Letterman might say, isn't it "banging away" that started this whole trouble in the first place?

AP doesn't offer a quote when Clinton says Al Gore as his running mate offered a "more moderate perspective (than whose?), but it does add more detail as Clinton touts the joys of his private office:

In the audio tour, Clinton says the Oval Office was "the best place in the world to work."

However, he had another favorite spot in the White House: his private office.

"I restored it to look the way it did after the Civil War and I brought in a desk, which was Ulysses Grant's cabinet table," Clinton says.

"And I would go in there, often after Hillary went to bed, or late at night (and) play my music, and that's where I did my reading and thinking and that's where my daughter would find me late at night when she called me from Stanford. I had a lot of happy times there."

This loose excuse for a news story appeared on a pile of major-media websites, including ABC, CBS, CNN, USA Today, and The Washington Post.

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