The Liberal Record of New 'World News Tonight' Anchor Charlie Gibson

Charlie Gibson will take over the anchor duties tonight (Monday) for ABC's World News Tonight. The MRC's Web site features a just-compiled "Profiles in Bias" collection of liberal comments and reporting from Gibson. The page lists about 50 quotes, going back to 1990, with ten accompanied by audio/video clips.

On Good Morning America, which he has co-hosted for most of the past two decades, and as a frequent fill-in for Peter Jennings on World News Tonight, Gibson displayed little willingness to stray from the media elite's liberal template. The quotes collected from the MRC's archive exemplify Gibson's conventional liberal approach to the issues of the day: favoring gun control and campaign finance reform, portraying tax cuts as costly, unwise and unfair, and once even boasting about a sign in his house proclaiming: "War is not good for children and other living things."

The MRC's Michael Gibbons put the page together based on the quotes gathered by Rich Noyes. Michelle Humphrey and Karen Hanna located the video in the MRC's archive and rendered the media clips.

Media Bias Debate
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