Oh Happy 'Today': Enron, Bush Bagged (But 'Vice-President Rumsfeld' Secure)

You almost expected The Edwin Hawkins Singers to turn up on set. For, short of Hillary raising her right hand on the steps of the Capitol some time in January of 2009, it just doesn't get much happier for Today than this morning. In one fell news cycle, George Bush and Enron evil-doers laid low.

It couldn't have come quick enough for Katie Couric. Interviewing Tim Russert on the president's mea culpa performance of yesterday, in which he and Tony Blair admitted to mistakes in his handling of Iraq, she asked:

"Do you think both men should have tried this approach sooner?"

Lest anyone think that the president's remorse will appease the MSM, it was obvious that, now with a taste of blood, the liberal media pack will only call for more. Couric wasted no time in going after Donald Rumsfeld:

"The president finally also admitted that the Abu Ghraib prison scandal was the war's biggest mistake. What does that portend for the people involved? Do you think more heads are going roll as a result?"

Russert's equivocal response, in which he simply mused as to whether there will be accountability 'at the very top', clearly didn't satisfy Katie's blood lust. Literally raising her eyebrows, she spelled things out for him:

"What does it mean for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld?"

Russert: "The President stands by him. The Vice-President went out of his way to say strong things about him." Then, in a Freudian slip I'll leave to other psychiatrists among the pajamahadeen to analyze, Russert concluded: "It appears Vice-President Rumsfeld [sic] is secure for the time being, probably at least through the elections, because to remove him would be a huge admission of a misjudgement in Iraq in the grand scheme of the entire policy."

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