ABC Employs Former Gun Control Activist to Cover NRA
notices that ABC News used a former writer and former employee of Handgun Control Inc. to cover the National Rifle Association

You may have noticed the byline on ABC News recent story covering the NRAs pledge to ask mayors and police chiefs to sign a petition stating they will uphold their legal duties not to confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens during time of crisis a la Katrina.

ABC News
New NRA Campaign Asks Lawmakers to Pledge Not to Confiscate Guns in Times of Crisis
Ad Campaign Begins Tomorrow, NRA Reacts to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita

Hmmmm, you mean the Jake Tapper who used to write for I wonder what happens if we google his name and the words "NRA"...

Here is just the tiniest sample of the anti-gun, anti-NRA, stories he did for Salon. You can find dozens more if that kind of thing interests you:

Gee, I guess ABC News sees no problem with having a former employee and advocate for Handgun Control cover the NRA? Talk about media bias...

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