Milbank: Obama More Passionate About Playing Golf Than Pushing His Agenda

President Obama is more "forceful" and "stubborn" about playing golf than he is about pushing through his policy agenda.  That was Dana Milbank's take on today's Morning Joe.  

As Joe Scarborough described it, earlier this week the normally left-leaning Milbank enjoyed a "12-minute honeymoon" with conservatives after his Washington Post column called Obama's decision to go golfing while the world burned an example of "tone deafness" if not outright "stupid stuff."  Milbank doubled down on the notion today with his suggestion that the president cares more about making it to the first tee than enacting his policy positions.  Milbank seemed frustrated with Obama's fecklessness. But if the president's love of the links keeps him from pushing his policies, conservatives should be saying "play on, Mr. President!"  View the video after the jump.

Let's rejoice over Obama's golfing obsession.  Every round played potentially means another part of the Obama policy program founders. 


DANA MILBANK: Here's the thing, he is -- how can he get around this vacation problem here? He is very stubborn when it comes to getting out there on the golf course. President Bush said, look, after his famous "Watch this drive" moment, he said, look, I'm going to give up golf for the rest of my term. The president isn't doing that. But why isn't he as forceful when it comes to, say, getting unemployment insurance through, when it comes to getting more of his domestic agenda through, gun control, all the other things where he seems to give a speech and then tiptoe away from it. If he could be as stubborn as he is about continuing his golf game about some of his domestic policies, I think we might get some more results.

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