David Boreanaz of Fox's 'Bones' Tweets That President Obama Needs To 'Grow Some'

Actor David Boreanaz caused an uproar on Twitter Wednesday night by getting political with a tweet critical of President Obama, insisting the nation’s chief executive needs to stand up to Russia’s Vladimir Putin and “grow some.”

The co-star of FOX’s crime drama Bones took a break from promoting his show at Comic-Con in San Diego to write, “so here we are in a Cold War now with Russia. Sanctions aren't going to cut it. Putin is Nuts and a serious threat to the USA.” The tweet garnered 901 retweets and 1,571 favorites.

As IJReview.com noted, replies ranged from the supportive, like @dandnhall who tweeted “can I say how nice it is to hear a celebrity talk like you just did! Kudos!” to the disdainful, such as @ mrbabypants’s reply  “So will you send your children to fight? If not, might want to stand down.”

Boreanaz retweeted his favorites and replied to others. To @Adam407, who asked “What would you have the President do?” the actor replied “lift the crude oil ban that we have here in the US. #OneAction” That’s referring to a policy dating to the 1970's energy crisis preventing U.S. oil producers from exporting oil overseas. Oddly enough, as the Wall Street Journal’s Christian Berthelsen and Lynn Cook report this morning, “A tanker of oil from Texas set sail for South Korea late Wednesday night, the first unrestricted sale of unrefined American oil since the 1970s.” Of course, as they report, it took “two determined energy companies” investing in “loophole-seeking lawyers” to get that tanker to weigh anchor, so we shouldn’t be expecting more of them leaving port anytime soon.

Boreanaz followed up with two related tweets stating the “sad part is we are all so divided when we shl [should] be United as a country. #ExtremeThoughts and #Anger on Both sides in America” and later joked “I don't know what's better being attacked by a Liberal with #20,000Tweets or the #CastleFandom. #LightenUpPeople” referring to a competing crime drama on the ABC network.

While opinion polls show the president is unpopular nationwide, in Hollywood he remains a favorite of the notoriously left-of-center film and TV business. Kudos to Boreanaz for taking a patriotic stand and exposing himself to the ire of the Left both on Twitter and in the soundstages of southern California.

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