Troops in Iraq Say Media Make Americans 'Run up the White Flag'

American troops in Iraq say they thought they were winning the war, until they heard what people back home were saying.

Reports the American Forces Press Service:

It's the e-mails and calls from home that gave the soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division their first clue that something is becoming different about the will of the American people.

"All this time I thought we were winning," said a sergeant first class sarcastically. "Seems folks back home have already run up the white flag."

Some 4th Infantry Division noncommissioned officers were discussing the flood of e-mails they receive from family members and friends about the constant danger they are facing in Iraq. Though they asked not to be identified by name for this article, the NCOs said they believe the news media highlight explosions and murders over any sign of progress in Iraq.

"I see progress every time I go outside the wire," said a platoon sergeant. "Just look at the progress the Iraqi army has made."

The NCOs, many with years of infantry experience, said the Iraqi army has made tremendous strides since standing up just two years ago. The difference between the Iraqi National Guard that first stood up in the aftermath of the fall of Saddam Hussein and today's Iraqi army is night and day, said an NCO who served with the 101st Airborne Division in 2003's initial combat in Iraq.

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