Fred Thompson: Being Conservative In Hollywood Is 'A Tougher Road to Travel'

Fred Thompson, a former senator and presidential candidate who returned to an acting career,  granted an interview to The Hollywood Reporter to promote his new movie “Persecuted,” the story of a televangelist framed for murder by powerful government officials.

Thompson acknowledges that conservatives in Hollywood have “a tougher road to travel” and try not to advertise their political views:

Is it tough to be a Republican actor in Hollywood?

It's a tough business for everybody, but if you happen to run across a particular moviemaker who's politically oriented and your views don't coincide, then it could be an issue. There's no question about that. It's a tougher road to travel. Conservatives don't go out of their way to advertise their political views because they know they're the distinct minority. It's not just actors, but also behind-the-camera folks.

They also asked:

In the film, the Senate majority leader is the bad guy, and he engages in a murder plot. Does that ring true?

Well, I don't believe I'll be accusing anybody of murder. This is not a documentary, but it reminds us that we have to be vigilant and that a strong, centralized government can pose the biggest challenge to people's constitutional rights.

Do you think that the corrupt Senate majority leader in your film has anything in common with the real one, Harry Reid?

The one in the film's a much nicer guy. But you have to say that I laughed when I said that, OK? In the movie, he simply represents power. I think Harry would get a kick out of it. There's not much that bothers Harry.

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