'Republican' May 'Make History' as First Transgender State Lawmaker

The gay newspaper The Washington Blade recently carried this odd headline: “Trans Republican could make history in Nevada" as the first gender-confused state legislator.

Reporter Chris Johnson didn’t note that the R-word sounds odd for a “trans woman” who worked for the John Kerry for President campaign in Florida in 2004, but he did tout all the gay-left agenda items Scott’s pushed:

Scott has worked with the state legislature on passage of pro-LGBT legislation as founder of the group Equality Nevada. Among the bills she helped shepherd through to passage were trans-inclusive protections in housing, public accommodations, employment and hate crimes.

Her next big LGBT-related goal for the state: marriage equality.

Despite all this liberalism, Scott was endorsed by Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, and won the primary and June against a conservative opponent, Adam Khan. Scott's website includes the governor’s imprimatur:

“I am pleased to endorse Lauren Scott for Assembly District 30. Lauren was an active-duty member of the US Air Force for nearly seven years and will provide valuable insight as we work to make Nevada the most veteran-friendly state in the country. Lauren’s business experience will also be a great asset as we continue Nevada’s Comeback.” – Brian Sandoval, Governor

Gov. Sandoval also helped Scott by signing SB139, a bill to add 'gender identity and expression' to the state hate crime statutes, in 2013.

Scott told the Blade his Air Force years were harrowing:

“It was very disquieting,” Scott said. “The smell of all that maleness around me, as a woman, it was almost like being mentally raped. Just imagine being a woman, and you’re thrown into jail with a lot of other men in the room and you can’t get out.”

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis