MSNBC's Alex Wagner: Protesting Illegal Immigrants Makes A 'Shameful Moment To Be An American'

The blog Soopermexican reported that on Wednesday, MSNBC host Alex Wagner “found it to be a shameful moment to be an American” when protesters in California demanded that illegal immigrants go back to their home country. It was rude to “people who are seeking a new day here in America.”

Her guest was Janet Murguia of the National Council of LaRaza, who attacked the "extremist" protesters and became unintentionally hilarious when she insisted that “we have to honor a process” to help the illegal aliens. Since when have they ever “honored a process” and tried immigrating legally? (Video below):


ALEX WAGNER: I am shocked – when you see the footage of these furious crowds yelling "Go home, go home." I think it brings – I will say personally I found it to be a shameful moment to be an American to see people treated like that, people who are seeking a new day here in America. What is also confounding to me is that these people apparently are able to dictate deportation policy insofar as 150 anti-immigrant protesters turned the buses around. What was your reaction to it?

JANET MURGUIA: I agree with you, Alex, that it is appalling and outrageous to see that this group of extremists and really… um.. uh, really lending themselves as vigilantes were able to control an outcome here, determine an outcome. We have to honor a process. These buses were filled with women and mostly children, children who are escaping violence and gangs in their countries.

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