Jon Stewart Compares Redskins Fans, NRA to Defenders of Child Porn

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart is not known for political fairness in its humor. The Comedy Central show proved no different on the June 19 edition, when Stewart chose to compare the child pornography lobby in Japan to the gun rights lobby in America. He deemed that both industries are “harmful” and “destructive” and “take precedence over the protection of children.”

The ridiculous comparison came after Stewart bashed the Washington Redskins for their politically incorrect name. He claimed that it was “hard to think of any other change that is this long overdue” before settling on a new bill in Japan that outlaws the possession of child pornography. [See video below. Click here for MP3 audio]

That’s right, to liberals like Stewart, maintaining a name that references a slang term for Native Americans no longer used in American society for anything other than the football team is the same as legalizing the market for “magazines and videos” with “pornographic illustrations of young girls engaged in...violent sex with older men.”

It remains unclear how the NRA fits into Stewart’s concern with the “protection of children.” After all, for every gun misused by violent thugs or disturbed individuals, there are numerous cases of parents defending their children from harm using a gun.

Stewart may want to keep his comparisons to the realm of the coherent and believable in order to more effectively promote his left-wing agenda.                                

See transcript below:

Comedy Central
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
June 19, 2014
11:04 p.m. Eastern
2 minutes

JON STEWART: No, I'm talking about the Redskins! The Redskins, not the Packers. Switch it. Get a new name already. It's the 21st century. Hard to think of any other change that is this long overdue.

WILL RIPLEY: A new bill in Japan outlaws the possession of child pornography.

STEWART: Did not see that coming. Did you say “a new bill,” a new bill? That makes Japan the only country to invent a robot who can make pancakes before outlawing the possession of child pornography. They just say like, “Oh, now that we have the pancake robot, maybe we should do that.” I really hope this is because Japan has no child porn. And then they pass this legislation in case anyone ever got it, you know, like our voter I.D. laws to prevent fraud. It's just theoretical, right.

RIPLEY: On the streets of Tokyo, sex sells. Magazines and videos, so sexually explicit, pornographic illustrations of young girls engaged, oftentimes,  in violent sex with older men.  

STEWART:  I think we all owe Godzilla an apology. Anyway, I guess, congratulations, Japan, better late than never.

RIPLEY: But graphic cartoon, even ones showing kids being raped, will stay legal. Why? Because anime animation and Manga comics are a multibillion dollar industry with political and lobbying power.

STEWART: [On screen graphic of NRA logo] That is embarrassing, Japan. That is embarrassing. How can a lobby for harmful, destructive industry take precedence over the protection of children? I am frankly... I am... I am shocked. I am upset.

Laura Flint
Laura Flint is a 2014 summer intern for the MRC's News Analysis Division.