In Ugly Divorce, Michael Moore's Wife Reveals He Was Offered Funding for Another Anti-Gun Film After Newtown

The Smoking Gun reports that with his ugly divorce trial looming, leftist filmmaker Michael Moore is battling his wife over the valuation of the couple’s assets, while branding her a spendthrift who “unilaterally wasted a large percentage of the marital funds” building a lakefront mansion that has prompted mocking news stories about Moore's millions.

More of interest to NewsBusters readers is that Moore’s wife, Kathleen Glynn, noted that Moore was offered funding for another anti-gun movie about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting just three days after the horror unfolded:

Glynn noted that--in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre--Moore had been offered financing for an anti-gun film. In an e-mail sent three days after the December 2012 shooting, producer Michael Donovan wrote that he was “personally prepared to finance a film” by Moore about the Newtown, Connecticut killings.

Donovan and Moore...shared the 2002 Academy Award for best documentary feature for Bowling for Columbine. While Moore acknowledged receiving Donovan’s e-mail, court records do not include the director’s response to the financing offer.

The website added that Moore and Glynn jointly own “multiple substantial residences and multiple companies,” including Dog Eat Dog Films, the production company behind hit movies like Roger & Me and Bowling for Columbine. "The couple’s real estate holdings include a total of nine properties in Michigan and New York. The duo co-owns a Manhattan condo that was created through the combination of three separate units."

Moore has also demanded Glynn to disclose whether, during the course of their marriage, she had ever hired a private investigator to “follow, record, photograph” him. Hmmm....

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