Ed Schultz Declares GOP Will Push Obama Impeachment After November Elections

MSNBC's Ed Schultz is known for using extreme rhetoric during his daily The Ed Show program and it seems that his hateful language has rubbed off on his audience. Schultz conducts an "Ask Ed Live" segment every day in which he answers questions from his viewers and on Tuesday, June 3, a man named Richard wondered: "Will the Republicans try to impeach President Obama before or after the November election?"

The MSNBC host disgustingly blared: "It would be after. If they hang on to the House and the win the Senate I predict it will be one of the first things they talk about and that is impeaching the president and how sad that is." [See video below.]

Schultz provided no evidence to justify is ridiculous and outlandish claim that the GOP will seek to impeach President Obama. Given that this segment had no guests he was allowed to make his attack without any pushback and will likely never be repremanded for his latest nasty attack on Republicans.

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