Guest On Ronan Farrow Daily Compares Redskins PR to North Korean Propaganda

In MSNBC’s view of the world, Twitter hashtag appeals are apparently only acceptable for liberal or politically-correct causes.

On the May 30 edition of Ronan Farrow Daily, the MSNBC host invited Deadspin columnist and GQ contributor Drew Magary onto the show to discuss how the Washington Redskins are pushing back against the incessant pressure campaign for the NFL team to drop its name for something more politically correct. Magary scoffed at the #Redskinspride effort by the Redskins, sniffing that it was part of a ludicrous “North Korean-style PR campaign.” (See video below. Click here for MP3 audio)

Last week, you may recall, Senate Democrats sent letters to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, advocating for him to endorse the name change. In response, the Redskins appealed on social media for fans to voice their support for the team with the hashtag #Redskinspride, directing their messages to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada).

As Ronan laughed in agreement, Magary described how the Redskins don’t have a “legitimate argument” and are using a “North Korean style PR campaign” in an “officious and venal” way to support their failing cause. This outlandish claim goes beyond the usual raging liberal bias of Farrow’s show and into the realm of mere stupidity.    

Perhaps Ronan would be able to boost his floundering ratings if he stick to “legitimate arguments,” instead of comparing the PR campaign of a NFL team to the propaganda of an oppressive totalitarian government.

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RONAN FARROW: One more question before you go. Of course, the other big story today is the Redskins fighting back against Senator harry Reid and number of others who called for the team to be renamed –


FARROW: It does seem like it's high time, right? They've been asking fans to show support on Twitter and Facebook and there are a lot of people chiming in, maybe more than we’d care to think. Is this about protecting a brand from a pragmatic standpoint or should this be about more?

MAGARY: Well, I think for the team, to me, the actual team name Redskins is not nearly as offensive as the team's efforts to sort of whitewash it and push it through and have this sort of gross, you know, North Korean style PR campaign to protect it and say oh, heritage and pride, oh, this is all of our pride. Oh, we're under attack.

FARROW: It's really a tough sell. I mean it's Redskins.

MAGARY: Like we have to circle the wagons otherwise people will change our name --

FARROW: Oh, poor choice of words in this particular story.

MAGARY: It's just sort of gross and insincere on their effort and I think most people can see through that. You know, if they had a legitimate argument to change the name I would happily listen to it. But the way they go about it is so officious and venal, it just turns more people away than they can imagine.

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