American Citizens Know How To Protest Too!

Well, Pinko De Mayo has come and gone, and this year's celebration of
the Bolshevik Revolution by communism's useful idiots had new life
breathed into it in the United States. Hundreds of thousands
of illegal aliens and their misguided supporters decided to protest
against the rule of law in our country on the one day of the year that
reminds most older Americans of the genocidal policies of men like
Stalin and Pol Pot.

Hundreds of businesses across the country closed their doors in
deference to the wishes of America's illegal workforce, and many
failed to prevent their dangerously naive students from joining
demonstrations which only proved to the rest
of us just how utterly foolish and immoral years of systematic liberal
brainwashing has left them.

Members of the drive-by media, as Rush Limbaugh likes to call it, were
perfectly giddy with all the excitement, as news trucks took up
strategic positions in key cities where communist-backed organizations
had promised to hold mass rallies in support of illegal workers.
Referring to the events as "immigration rights protests", most of the
"mainstream" press was more than happy to promote the efforts of a loose
confederation of international communists, ACLU activists, radical
Muslims, and
unapologetic, law-breaking foreigners.

Average American citizens could do little but sit and watch as hoards
illegals and their collaborators marched in streets across the U.S.,
mocking our immigrations laws, while politicians from
Washington D.C. to Washington State either cheered on the protesters
or hid from view.

The disturbing displays caused many, if not most, Americans to recoil
in disgust and anger, as anti-illegal alien sentiment rose to near
boiling point. Furious bloggers took to the internet to discuss
potential counter-measures, including a boycott of companies that hire
illegal workers, and a march on Washington D.C. later in the month.
Calls for the removal from office of politicians who
support any sort of amnesty proposal, have become as common in recent
days as
prostitution in Amsterdam, and those calls only grew in
frequency and volume on Monday.

Of course, the majority of news organizations, which most folks
consider (and
rightly so) to be complicit in this outrageous plot to usurp the rule
of law, have
failed to
appreciate the growing animus and distrust
felt by their readers/viewers with respect to them. The routine
marginalizing by the media in general of anyone who speaks out
against the threat of illegal immigration, has caused many formerly
non-political individuals to take sides with a variety of patriotic
groups nationwide that are currently in the process of organizing
retaliatory actions against the pro-illegals crowd.

As condescending leftists like California Senate Majority Leader,
Romero, champion the cause of illegal aliens, and supporters of the
movement continue to insult those of us who actually understand the
concepts of right and wrong by calling us racists and xenophobes,
conservative talk radio hosts and political columnists are hammering
home the truth of the matter to their audiences.

The illegal alien situation, which was once seen by many as an
unpleasant, yet
uncorrectable problem, is now being taken very seriously by the
majority of U.S. citizens, who no longer believe that stopping the flow
of illegals into this country is such an insurmountable task. Tens of
millions of Americans have finally had enough of their elected
officials' indifference to the alien invasion of our country, and they
plan to punish those politicians in November unless radical changes are
made to our border policies.

In the meantime, companies that chose to shut down production on May
the 1st, or that have a history of exploiting illegal workers for
profit, are
being added to lists circulating throughout cyberspace, and those
businesses will soon become the targets of extended boycotts by
American consumers who are unwilling to forgive them for helping to
fuel the fire of the most vile socio-political movement in recent U.S.

If you count yourself as a loyal citizen of the
United States, and you're as outraged by the recent activities of
illegal aliens as so many of your fellow countrymen are, join them in
what is being termed the
'Great American
Boycott' of 2006. Find out which companies support
illegal immigration (see below) and let them know that
will no
longer purchase their goods or services as long as they continue down
their current path.

Furthermore, be sure to inform your elected representatives that you
will not be supporting their reelection campaigns if they fail in their
responsibility to strictly enforce our immigration laws. The time has
come to stand up and be counted, ladies and gentlemen.
Don't sit idle while
millions of illegal aliens and thousands of U.S. businesses brazenly
flaunt their contempt for the legitimate authority that we, the
American citizenry, have bestowed upon our government. Get involved...
fight back!


The 'We Hire Aliens' website has created a list of companies that
hire illegal workers, or in some other way
support the newly imagined rights of illegals.

The law concerning the hiring and harboring of illegal aliens

FIRE Coalition,
Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC),
Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR)
have joined together to
distribute the following flyer to encourage citizens and non-citizens
alike to report employers of illegal aliens.

Support the Citizens Reform Act, and the Border Fence Project.

Other anti-illegal immigration websites

By Edward L. Daley
Owner of the Daley Times-Post