Rosie O'Donnell Begs to 'Get Knifed In a Shower' to Appear on Hot Netflix Prison Drama

It’s an understatement to say Rosie O’Donnell is a fan of the critics’-darling Netflix women-in-prison drama Orange Is The New Black. Rosie announced, “This is the best female ensemble ever on TV!”

When asked if she would be guest starring in the new season, The Huffington Post noted O’Donnell said, "I begged. After I saw the first two episodes, I'm like 'Who do I call?' Let me get knifed in a shower -- someone give me a part on this."

Erin Whitney of Huff-Po added: “If O'Donnell were sentenced behind bars in the show, we bet she could definitely hold her own.”

O’Donnell told People magazine she’s lost 50 pounds since having a “vertical gastric sleeve” operation.

"They take out two thirds of your stomach – which holds the hunger hormones – and as a result of that you're not hungry anymore. I'll go to dinner with my wife, who's 105 lbs. soaking wet, and we'll order a petite filet. I'll have three bites and she'll finish it," she said.

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