Bill Press Likens Rubio on Climate Change to 'Totally Nuts' People Spouting Nonsense Outside White House

Sen. Marco Rubio expresses doubt that human activity is driving climate change and Bill Press, liberal radio talker and co-host of an early version of CNN's "Crossfire," labels him deranged. Just a matter of time before Press also labels Rubio as racist for this.

Now well into its third decade as an allegedly imminent catastrophic threat, global warming is among liberals' most beloved issues because they see so much potential from it -- more government control, higher taxes, vilification of oil companies and the cursed gas-powered engine, and the pretext to shut down debate because those disagreeing with them are "totally nuts" -- and what's the point of talking with crazy people? (Audio after the jump)

Here's what Press said Tuesday while talking with Peter Ogburn, producer of his radio show (audio) --

PRESS: We're talking about Marco Rubio, who by the way, he made all these comments while he was in New Hampshire (chuckles), not just on vacation, he's up there stumping around the state and he said, yes, I am ready to be president, I am, he told George Stephanopoulos that, that he has enough experience, he's ready, he's qualified to be president of the United States, and then he turns around and says, of course, even though my state is sinking I don't believe, he didn't say he didn't believe in global warming, I want to be careful, what he said was he doesn't believe that human activity has anything to do with global warming, therefore, we should do nothing about it and we have to do nothing about it because we didn't cause it. We just let it continue to go on. We let Miami sink under the sea. Well, you know, he doesn't care 'cause he won't be around ...

OGBURN: That's right! That's right ...

PRESS: .... when it does, right. Unbelievably short-sighted, unbelievably wrong. And again, and he's running for president of the United States and he's considered a front runner?

OGBURN: We're on Twitter by the way.

PRESS: He's as crazy as that (Sen.) James Inhofe from Oklahoma. Nobody, nobody considers him a serious presidential candidate.

OGBURN: Yeah, it's kinda like, look, you can say whatever you want to say, right?

PRESS: Right.

OGBURN: That doesn't mean we have to take you seriously. There's a guy out there on the street yelling that the end is coming or something like that. But that doesn't, so what?

PRESS: I see them every day in front of the White House.


PRESS: You want to see the craziest people on the planet?

OGBURN: Yeah! (laughs manically)

PRESS: Walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House. I mean, they just come there every day and they're just spouting and everybody looks at them and knows that they're totally nuts!

OGBURN: Right! But they can say that.

PRESS: Yeah, right.

OGBURN: So Marco Rubio can say he doesn't believe it!

PRESS: That's where Marco Rubio belongs, yeah ...

OGBURN: If you want to join in the conversation, by the way ...

PRESS: ... wearing a tinfoil hat in front of the White House.

OGBURN (laughs even more manically, as if he'd just heard something funny): That's right!

Just a hunch, but maybe those "totally nuts" people outside the White House are suffering from mentally illness. Once again, the much-touted liberal concern for their well-being is revealed to be so much posturing, the default position of the left winger.

A guest I would love to see appear on Press's program-- John Coleman (no relation to this blogger), founder of the Weather Channel ... and unapologetic global warming skeptic.

By all means, Bill, please invite Coleman as a guest and listen to why he considers manmade global warming nothing more than mythology, and then tell him he's a lunatic. It will make for great radio, a rarity indeed on your show.

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