Bush: David Gregory Couldn't Pass Background Check

NBC White House correspondent David Gregory got into a sparring match with President Bush during a press conference today. Asked David Gregory:

"Mr. President, we're seeing some turnover and some change within your administration, and I wonder what it says about what you think is necessary to turn your presidency around at this point?"

The president responded with: "I think it's necessary to continue doing -- to achieving results for the American people. We've got big challenges for this country and I've got a strategy to deal with them."

Bush then cited off a laundry list of current issues to deal with, ending with, "So there's a lot to do today, but we'll continue to be results-oriented."

The president then tried to call on someone else: "Martha Raddatz."

But Gregory spoke up again: "But I asked you about your internal changes and what that says about how you think things need to be changed. They've been very public, your internal changes."

Responded Bush: "Well, David, I'm a results-oriented person, and my job is to achieve things for the American people, positive results that make us more secure and more prosperous. And of course, I will have people by my side that work toward that objective."

Bush then quipped, "Thank you for your penetrating question."

"Thank you," responded Gregory.

The president joked, "Plus, I'm not going to hire you, if that's what you were suggesting," referring to the hiring of Fox News contributor Tony Snow. The remark caused laughter.

Said Gregory, "I was not suggesting that," causing more laughter.

Bush ended the exchange with, "I would, except you can't pass the background check. Okay, an unnecessary cheap shot, I take it back."

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