Ed Schultz Unintentionally Bolsters Case for New Benghazi Probe

Ed Schultz has once again demonstrated his unerring penchant for opening mouth and inserting feet, this time on his radio show while talking with Rep. Adam Schiff, Democrat of California and a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Schultz and Schiff were in vigorous agreement on Tuesday that the new House committee investigating the deadly attack in Benghazi in September 2012 is nothing but a partisan effort to smear the Obama administration. (Audio after the jump)

What Schultz also said, however, will surely not go over well at the White House (audio) --

SCHIFF: I think it was interesting, Ed, when they asked the speaker and the majority leader and the new chair of this committee, what will this committee, even on Fox when they asked them, what will these people, what will this committee do that the others haven't done already, none of them really could come up with an answer.

SCHULTZ: They don't have a plan. They just want to get in the news cycle and get people talking about Benghazi and plant the seed that there's some severe incompetence going on here and a coverup, uh, because they were terribly misleading to the American people in the midst of a crisis.

Got that? Obama and his inner circle not only misled the American people, they were terribly misleading -- oh and by the way, it was during a crisis that cost four brave Americans their lives (Libya, not incidentally, has devolved into a jihadist hellhole in the two years since, to the point where even The Daily Beast takes notice). Just so we're clear,  the issue here isn't competence, it's candor, and on that count Obama and company have failed miserably, even in the eyes of apologist extraordinaire Ed Schultz.

Same circumstances with a Republican president, Schultz wouldn't be calling for a reopened investigation -- he'd demand impeachment. He'd also not let a single hour of "The Ed Show" and his radio program pass without asking this -- gee, where was the president that night, just before winging his way to a vitally important Vegas fundraiser in the morning?

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