Daily Beast's Goldberg Invokes Oklahoma City Bombing in Discussion of GOP, Cliven Bundy, and Militias

Appearing as a guest on the Monday, April 21, All In with Chris Hayes, Daily Beast columnist Michelle Goldberg -- also of the far left The Nation magazine -- invoked the Oklahoma City Bombing during a discussion of the Cliven Bundy standoff, as she accused the Republican Party of "playing footsie" with militias during the Clinton administration, and suggested culpabilty by Republicans in stoking violence. [See video below.]

Goldberg asserted:

And so you saw this a lot in the 90s with Clinton, you know, there was conspiracies about black helicopters, there was a lot of, kind of, playing of footsie between the Republican Party and the militia movement, there was a Congresswoman named Helen Chenoweth who was, you know, almost the Congresswoman from the militia movement.

She brought up Fox News as she added:

And basically you saw kind of a lot of, in the same way that you see kind of Sean Hannity and people kind of egging them on, you saw the right-wing pundits then egging them on. What really stopped it was the Oklahoma City Bombing when, all of a sudden, people realized where this sort of thing leads and, again, kind of, how incredibly irresponsible it is to throw fuel on the fire of an armed movement whose kind of dedicated aim is to overthrow the United States government.

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