ABC Keeps 'Commander in Chief' Because it Likes Woman Prez Idea

reports that ABC's "Commander in Chief," its presidential series featuring a woman chief executive, is on the rocks, but the network is still reluctant to pull the plug.

ABC's "Commander in Chief," starring Oscar winner Geena Davis as the first woman to occupy the Oval Office, is in danger of prime-time impeachment after failing to reverse a steady ratings slide this season.

Despite a renewed promotional push by the Walt Disney Co.-owned network, and a shift to a less competitive time slot, "Commander" has continued to lose viewers since returning this month from an 11-week winter hiatus.

People close to the series acknowledge that the chances of bringing it back for a second season are doubtful unless the program makes some headway in the Nielsens this spring.

ABC could be hoping that fans of NBC's soon-to-be-cancelled "West Wing" will switch over to "Commander in Chief."

"Commander" is currently scheduled to remain on ABC's schedule through mid-May, coinciding with the final episode of the Emmy-winning "West Wing" after seven years on the air.

A network spokeswoman said no decisions have been made yet about renewing any ABC series, including "Commander in Chief," for next fall.

But according to figures released on Friday from Nielsen Media Research, "Commander," which earned Davis a Golden Globe award in January, is moving in the wrong direction.

Why has ABC stuck with the show? One insider told Reuters, "The reason they've stuck with it for so long is the network really likes the concept and believes in it."

Hillary Clinton would be glad to hear it.

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